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We are a company that cares. We care about the kids and seniors who use our products, we care about our employees and their well-being, and we care about the world. This is at the core of who we are, what we do and the products that we develop.

We walk our own path, even when the road is not properly paved. We encourage exploration, new ideas, and critical questions.

We are professionals, but not at the cost of being emotionally grounded. We are a business, but not at the cost of being human.

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Nine to five

At No Isolation, we offer flexible and varied work days. You can come and leave at any time outside our core hours between 10.00 and 15.00.

Every office eats lunch together everyday. And if you for any reason at all wake up one day and want to stay home, we offer two pyjama days a year.

Five and beyond

Working here is more than working. We end every week with a beer lottery, where the chances of winning feel close to 1.

We also have out of work social groups that organise different activities, some swim, some climb, some eat, some play games and some play music.

The team

Working here, you get responsibilities from day one, and you get the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Warm technology

We create warm technology with a purpose, in an age where most tech is made for mass consumption, feeding into an economy of attention. We always focus on the end user when making our products, and always start our work with identifying a problem, before making and sculpting products through trial, error and user testing.

Perks & benefits

  • Two pyjama days a year

  • Share acquisition program

Internships and student cooperations

We offer summer internships for students students studying design and technology. These are posted on our website every fall. We also offer semester internships for other students as well as techies, like HR, finance, compliance, graphic designers, marketing, sales, etc. Get in touch if you are curious about opportunities:

Master's thesis

We occasionally take on students who want to write their master thesis about No Isolation and our work. We are especially looking for students writing their thesis in the field of Business Adminstration, Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics and HR. For inquiries please send an email to explaining why you want to write your thesis about No Isolation, some examples/proposals of potential master thesises, and chosen methodology for the project!